Lobster Daily #1 — Weekend Recap — 01/30–01/31

Grayscale Ethereum Trust is “an Ethereum investment vehicle in the U.S. and the second digital currency investment vehicle to attain the status of a SEC reporting company, following Grayscale Bitcoin Trust.” On January 30, it resumed the private placement of its shares, which are currently available for accredited investors for daily subscription.

An additional liquidity mining program of Opium, a decentralized derivative ecosystem, has recently started at 1inch, focusing on the newly launched ETH-OPIUM pool.

Hop Protocol, a new project, allows for sending tokens across rollups and their shared layer-1 network.

An emerging markets’ crypto exchange Luno has launched USDC support.

AAVE’s founder, Stani Kulechov, angel invests in nearly 40 projects to grow DeFi.

The short squeeze coordinated on /r/WallStreetBets seems like a major talking point both in traditional financial media and within crypto circles. A quick summary thread on what happened. And here is a couple of opinions on the matter, through the lens of DeFi regulars:

Niche topic: Hashmasks are trending in the NFT field. They are collectibles, similar to CryptoPunks. To find out more details on Hashmasks, read the article in DT Journal. Meanwhile, a few celebrities have turned their attention to NFTs, including Souljaboy, minting his first NFT through Rarible. If you’d like to discuss NFTs (it being a niche subject) with the members of LobsterDAO, join NFT Simp.

Neil Young, Lindsey Buckingham, Shakira, and others recently sold their song catalogs to a music publisher Hipgnosis (with potential implications in intellectual property).

With this pilot publication, we aim to find out if there is any value this format can bring to you, and hence we appreciate any feedback that can help us gauge your preferences. Tweet us to let us know!




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