Lobster Daily #132 — Daily Recap — Aug 3:

1.A thread with a good explanation on the current state of the US economy, fiat money and the perspectives of the digital USD.

Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/258440

2. About the Nakamoto coefficient — the minimum number of validators that can collude to shutdown a network.

Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/258504

3.Jump Trading — the Chicago-based trading firm and quant shop — announced its first crypto-related acquisition.

Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/258546

4.dYdX’s reward distribution.

Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/258575

5.Governance wars on listing BOND as a collateral asset into the Aave Protocol.

Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/258663