Lobster Daily #28 — Daily Recap — Mar 23

1.Yet another view on the BitClout case by Frank Chaparro.

Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/218121

2.Following up yesterday’s tweet by Uniswap and chit-chatting on their teasing marketing approach.

Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/218160

3.Presumable fork of Alchemix detected.

Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/218171

4.What happens if I send tokens from an exchange to a contract?

Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/218260

5.Some chatter on Jeffrey Huang’s tweet advocating Clout Protocol.

Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/218279

6. Curve confirmed that Ellipsis is forking Curve’s StableSwap on BSC with their authorization.

Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/218349

7. Discussion of the upcoming Uniswap V3 features after an overview of the update has been released today.

Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/218378



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