Lobster Daily #3 — Daily Recap — Feb 17

  1. A major conversation was sparked by @mrm33seeks, asking about the status of a recent $1.6 million dollar insurance claim to Armor Finance that was denied: https://cryptobriefing.com/armor-finance-denies-user-1-6-million-insurance-claim/ The views of the community varied from supportive, where the actions of the protocol were considered appropriate, to dismissive, implying that the founder of Armor.fi might be either incompetent or blatantly dishonest. Link to discussion
  2. @ivangbi briefly mentioned a tweet by Bitwise that describes the inner workings of the first DeFi crypto index fund, seemingly surprised by the inclusion of Loopring into their portfolio: https://twitter.com/BitwiseInvest/status/1362092016532742147 Link to discussion
  3. RAI, an ETH-backed non-pegged stable asset, is officially live: https://twitter.com/reflexerfinance/status/1362036488167444485?s=20 Link to discussion
  4. @thisistor has recently released a cross-chain AMM on Secret Network and asks for help testing it out. Link to discussion
  5. Some community members are building a privacy system for private ETH balances & lending/deposit using Starks (Cairo). Get in touch with @hillarioushill to join the project. Link to discussion



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