Lobster Daily #4 — Daily Recap — Feb 18

1. @Lookat9 initiated a long discussion on prediction markets, such as Augur, PlotX, Polymarket, and their prospects:
A few predictions on prediction markets by @Joel_john:
“- Stablecoin-based settlements will be a game changer.
- Most prediction markets will trend towards layer-2 solutions.
- Market-making/liquidity will be critical.
- We will likely see a power law emerge in prediction markets, where there will be a definite industry leader.”
Link to discussion

2. All holders of Sushi in the yveCRV pool need to leave the pool to get weekly admin fees, although @vires_numeris doubts if it’s worth it to unstake, withdraw, deposit & restake to get the weekly fees if your stake isn’t high enough.
Link to discussion

3. @blockminded is researching ChainBridge that enables multi chain bridging between EVM chains
Link to discussion

4. Coinlist Seed Winter 2021 Batch selection was published
Link to discussion

5. LobsterDAO is a welcoming place, but not for talking about L2. As suggested by a community member, a list of unwelcomed topics could be kept for convenience.
Link to discussion

6. A compilation of analytical articles on the recent Bitcoin resurgence made by @Joel_john:
Link to discussion

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