Lobster Daily #50 — Daily Recap — Apr 17:

1. Bull market, bear development by Andre Cronje: https://link.medium.com/0J0toPM4wfb
Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/226448

2. Ivangbi’s opinion on VCs/influencers doing “contrarian bets”, “sharing alpha”, “helping others reach financial freedom”: https://twitter.com/ivangbi_/status/1383456364308045833
Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/226459

3. Automated liquidity concentration seems like a cool idea but is it legit?
Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/226465

4. Pepper-spiced Lobster BAO! 🦞
Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/226505

5. CFO USV dumped everything: https://twitter.com/DereckCoatney/status/1383440872679739394?s=19
Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/226466



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