Lobster Daily #74 — Daily Recap — May 17:

1.Hacker News discusses a rekt article.

Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/235735

2.Is there a service to relay raw signed tx via private network?

Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/235766

3.True-life story: how expensive Ethereum transactions can be.

Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/235809

4.Andre Cronje to share his experience with Elon Musk?

Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/235818

5.Is V3 as effective as supposed to be?

Link to discussion: https://twitter.com/PhABCD/status/1394104466081714179

6.What’s happening with FNX?

Link to discussion: https://t.me/lobsters_chat/235903



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